Architecture and urban design always take place in the future. Concerted action requires forward planning, and what we design today will take years or even decades to meet the ground. We must therefore consider the needs of future people and environments when designing for the city, necessitating a combination of precise calculation and open imagination.

By 2050, the population of Australia’s major cities is predicted to nearly double, while global warming and its associated effects will alter our urban and regional environments. How we accommodate this unprecedented population growth and respond to climate change is currently the subject of vigorous political debate.

In 2019, the Living Cities Forum will address the Future Needs of current Australians, future Australians, and the living systems with which they will cohabitate. A select group of visionary international speakers will identify the key challenges of the next decades, from densification to de-growth, innovation to adaptive re-use, and help us to transform plans into decisive action.