Focusing on Melbourne’s present conditions and future trajectory, City Futures Forum 2017 brings together an extraordinary panel of international architects and activists, curators and critics, urbanists and entrepreneurs for a single day of presentations, discussions and debate. 


The convergence of these speakers in Melbourne is a consequence of the connections and collaborations cultivated by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation and MPavilion. Hailing from Rotterdam, New York, London, Hong Kong and Los Angeles, each of the invited speakers is a world leader with a specific set of insights and interests in relation to the civic, social and technological development of the city. 


City Futures Forum 2017 provides a momentary platform for the exchange of these global design viewpoints and an opportunity to consider Melbourne’s challenges, opportunities and possible futures. 


Presented by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation on behalf of Creative Victoria and in partnership with Open House Melbourne, City Futures Forum 2017 is a gathering of some of architecture’s best to talk about solutions to some of the most significant urban challenges of our time; forecasting and providing alternative scenarios for the future of Melbourne.